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With snow falling softly and as the temperature dropped to as chilly as it can get in Washington. We had the incredible opportunity to capture the most heart warming wedding of the year. Kim and Khalid shared their wonderful wedding day with family and friends. During a break in the snow, Kim and Khalid braved the elements to capture some of the most fun candid shots of the year. As fast as the temperature had dropped we got everyone in the wedding party back and warmed up inside. One of the many remarkable stats from this gorgeous wedding was that family came from over 7000 miles away to celebrate this wedding day. This type of family commitment and love shown over and over for this amazing couple. As the night got deeper and the snow fell harder the ceremony gave way to a celebration of why this couple’s love is so strong, Love and Family. We will never forget this night and one of our favorite quotes sums up this extraordinary wedding perfectly; “Snow falling soundlessly in the middle of the night will always fill our heart with Love”


Venue: Thurston County Fairgrounds

Photography: Ignite Photography

Flowers: Connie Eikum- Mother of the Bride

DJ: Brian Pillsbury- Friend of the groom

Cake: Earl Welander- Uncle of the Bride

Makeup & Hair: Onsite Beauty by Brooke

Caterer: Pellagrino’s

Dress: Weddings with Joy

February 11, 2017

Kim & Khalid’s Wedding// Thurston County Fairgrounds // Seattle Wedding Photographers