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It is July 4th, 2017. You find yourself in one of the most beautiful locations in this world.¬†Hood Canal stretches out before you, on what they call the American continent. Dawn is just breaking and it’s your wedding day. Roll for Constitution. The story continues with true love and one of our favorite weddings this year. Alyssa and Evan had a perfect day and then it just got better. The wonderful Kitsap Memorial State Park was the storybook setting for such a gorgeous wedding. Alyssa and Evan were the first couples to be married in the beautiful new amphitheater. Then a surprise bagpiper capped the ceremony off flawlessly. After some incredible toasts, our heart was overflowing with love and as the night came on the dancing went into overdrive. As the guests started to leave, most thought the night was over. However, just like any good D&D roll more surprises were to come in the form of explosives.


August 18, 2017

Alyssa & Evan // Kitsap Memorial State Park Wedding// Kitsap Wedding Photographers